Xenaverse Timeline

Xenaverse Timeline

A Brief Overview

In 1940 Dr. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas the daughter of the late Mel Pappas joined forces on an archeological dig in Macedonia.  What they uncovered were the first of over 100 ancient scrolls written by a bard from the ancient village of Podedia located in ancient Thrace.  In the words of the late Dr. Covington, “These scrolls will revolutionize the way we look at the ancient world.”  Dr. Covington’s find led the scrolls underground for 50 years until they later resurfaced in Hollywood, California and became the basis for a popular 1990’s television series  known as “Xena Warrior Princess.”

*Please note that dates listed on the scrolls are the dates in which Gabrielle wrote her scrolls and do not necessarily reflect the date of a specific event in the Xenaverse.  Any scrolls on this site are strictly the translated English language interpretations of the scrolls themselves.  The original texts were written in a combination of ancient Thracian dialects and those of ancient Greece.  Below are the findings and conclusions of both Dr. Covington and Melinda Pappas as they had studied and translated the scrolls.

Xena is conceived unexpectedly one night when her father visits Cyrene sneaking away from battle.

Xena is born in 74 B.C.

At the age of 7 Xena’s mom is forced to kill Xena’s father with an ax to save Xena’s life from him. He was drunk after leaving the temple of Ares and tried to kill Xena. Xena’s father served in the Greek army. 67 B.C.

At age 16 Cortese’s army invades Amphipolis killing Xena’s 15 year old younger brother Lycious. Xena’s 19 year old brother Toris flees the battle in shame. 58 B.C.

After Xena’s loss against Cortese she rounds up as many followers as she can to create an army to protect her village of Amphipolis from any future armies from attacking. 58 B.C.

For two years Xena sacks and conquers villages all around Amphipolis and through many parts of Greece. She also encounters her tragic loss of a scouting party against the hoard. This leads her army out to sea. It supports itself through the spoils of its conquests against rival villages. 58-57 B.C.

During her second year in command of her rouge army she takes it into piracy sacking several villages along the coast. One of those villages is the village of the young Callisto who is only 8 years old. Xena’s army burns Callisto’s village to the ground overzealous in its attacks and leaves the young child’s soul damaged for life at the loss of her family. Xena meets Caesar for the first time. 57-56 B.C.

At the end of the third year Caesar returns after several months away upon returning to Rome and he betrays her breaking her legs. After being rescued by the slave she had captured and learned the pinch move from Xena is filled with rage and anger. She meets Borias and they go on a rampage across the lands in the east which leads them to Chin. Xena is 19. 55 B.C.

At the age of 20 Xena and Borias conquer Ming-Su and defeat Lao-Mao’s dreams of peace. The two move onto the land of Chuppa and Japan. Xena and Borias try to obtain ransom money for Akimi’s return to her father. Xena spends several months traveling with Akimi without Borias. Akimi accomplishes her revenge on her father and commits suicide begging Xena to take her ashes to their final resting place. 54 B.C.

At the age of 21 Xena rejoins Borias. Xena travels with Borias back toward the west. During their travels they meet with the shamaness Alti who persuades Xena to go against Cyan Queen of the Amazons and annihilate the entire Amazon race. Alti follows them through their battles encouraging Xena toward her ways. Xena becomes pregnant with her first child Solan with Borias being the father. This changes Borias and he becomes a more honorable man. He gives up his interests in world conquest. This leads to Borias’s death and Solan’s birth. 53 B.C.

After losing Borias to death, her army at the hands of the Centaurs, and Solan to her own darkness Xena finds herself to be lost. It is in her loneliness that she decides to travel to the north. The warrior princess stirs things up in the north in places such as Britannia where she meets Bodecia and betrays her. Still searching for conquest as she sets her sights on Valhalla, Odin, and the Rhinegold. Xena is 22. 52-51 B.C.

After being defeated by her own evil and Grenhilda’s passion for humanity which was turned into Grendel Xena is feeling frustrated and defeated. At the age of 23 Xena travels toward Rome where she meets Ares for the first time. Ares has taken an interest in Xena and decides that she is the one he needs to conquer the world. Xena will lead to world domination and a world governed by wars. Ares offers Xena the ultimate weapon in exchange for her services. Ares introduces Xena to the chakram. During his intense molding period with the warrior princes Ares falls for her and never loses his passion for her. Ares’s plans with Xena go awry when Hercules defeats Xena. A few months later Xena regroups to get revenge against Hercules, but is unsuccessful. She ends up losing her army to her second in command Darphus. Later she unites with Hercules against Darphus and turns away from Ares. Xena then leaves Hercules feeling ashamed and in despair of all of the wrongs she has committed. Xena is 25. 50-49 B.C.

1) Now 26 Xena decides that she is done with her warrior ways. Her despair and shame leads her to give up her weapons and herself. She is on the verge of her own self-destruction when she meets the young bard Gabrielle at the age of 16. 48 B.C.

1) Xena and Gabrielle travel together and Gabrielle becomes an amazon princess. They run into famous personalities such as Helen of Troy, Hercules, and they meet up with Xena’s past for the first time through Xena’s older brother Toris. Gabrielle also meets Cortese for the first time. 48-47 B.C.

2) Xena and Gabrielle continue their travels. Gabrielle meets Xena’s son Solan and the centaurs. Callisto confronts Xena for the first time since her family was killed by Xena’s army. Gabrielle marries her childhood sweetheart Perdicas who is killed by Callisto. Gabrielle becomes an amazon queen when she is informed by Ephiny of Queen Melosa’s death. Xena and Gabrielle meet Joxer for the first time and he begins to travel with them on occasion. 47-46 B.C.

3) Gabrielle and Xena take on Ceasar of Rome and Ares begins taunting Xena on a regular basis. Gabrielle begins developing a friendship with the goddess Aphrodite. Gabrielle is impregnated with the child of the evil Dahok. Xena and Gabrielle’s friendship experiences a rift due to Gabrielle’s evil daughter Hope killing Xena’s child Solan and due to Xena’s debt to Lao Mao in killing Ming Tien of Chin. Gabrielle passes into the darkness of fire with her child Hope leaving Xena and Joxer to mourn. Xena kills Callisto with the hindsblood dagger. 46-45 B.C.

4) Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer are reunited in Podedia. Xena begins to go through a spiritual transformation as does Gabrielle. They travel to India where they meet Eli who later learns the way of love and spreads its message throughout the land. He touches Gabrielle who surrenders her staff for a peaceful existence still alongside Xena. Gabrielle must return to the Amazons when news of Ephiny’s death comes to her. She and Brutus make a pact of peace between Rome and the Amazons, but Caesar rejects it and instead crucifies Xena and Gabrielle. Callisto returns by way of Satan. 45-44 B.C
Ides of March 44 B.C.

5) Xena and Gabrielle are brought back into life by Eli and the powers that be. Xena becomes impregnated. Gabrielle faces Alti in order to save Xena’s child’s soul. Eli is killed by Ares in a battle of love v.s. war. Both Xena and Gabrielle travel to Egypt to defeat Brutus’s invasion and to hand over control of Rome to Caesar’s relative the young Octavius. Xena then gives birth to Eve who becomes hunted by the gods upon Mount Olympus due to the fates and their proclamation of Eve’s destiny to bring down all of Olympus. Xena and Gabrielle fake the three of their deaths in order to save Eve’s life and Ares buries them in ice at the top of Mount Edna where the two stay frozen and lifeless for 25 years. 44 B.C.-19 B.C.

5) As the climate change melts the ice caps upon Mount Edna Xena and Gabrielle are then freed from their frozen graves. They return to life only to find that they have been resting for 25 years. They immediately search for Eve who has now become Livia champion of Rome. Livia is an angry lost young woman who has a thirst for violence and power. Ares has been nurturing her for quite some time. Xena and Gabrielle work desperately to free Eve from her anger only to lead them to the death of their friend Joxer. Joxer’s son survives his vengeance against Livia as Livia is brought back to Eve by a prayer Xena has said to Eli. Xena is then given the power to kill and wipes out almost the entire Olympic race except for Aphrodite and Ares who surrenders his godhood to save the lives of Eve and Gabrielle. His love for the warrior princes is proven although the warrior princess does not return the feelings. 19-18 B.C.

6) Eve goes off to follow Eli’s path while Gabrielle learns of the last links to Xena’s past before their meeting one another. This takes them to the land of the Norse Gods where they confront Odin and his Valkyrie and Grenhilda. Grenhilda is then saved from being wronged by Xena 35 years prior. Gabrielle and Xena finish out their travels together as Xena begins to becomes settled within her soul. Finally Gabrielle learns of Xena’s time in Chuppa and her friend Akimi. Xena discovers that she had wronged 40,000 souls accidentally who she had left at the mercy of the evil of Yodoshi’s soul. Xena sacrifices herself in death to free those souls and leaves Gabrielle behind. 18-16 B.C.

Caesar 100 B.C.- 44 B.C. age 66
Toris 77 B.C.
Eli 76B.C,- 44B.C. age 33
Xena 74 B.C.- 44 B.C.——–} 44B.C.-43B.C.——–} 18B.C.-14B.C. age 60
Lycious 73 B.C.-58B.C. age 15
Joxer 72 B.C.-18B.C. age 55
Ephiny 68 B.C.-44 B.C. age 24
Callisto 65 B.C. -45 B.C. age 20
Gabrielle 64 B.C. – 44 B.C.——-} 44B.C.-43B.C.——} 18B.C.- 13 B.C. 51 age —-?
Lila 63 B.C.-18 B.C. age 47—-?
Octavius 64 B.C.- 18 .C. age 48—-?
Solan 52 B.C.-46 B.C. age 8
Eve(Livia) 43 B.C.-16 B.C. age 26—-?
Sarah 39 B.C.- 18 B.C.
Virgil 36 B.C.- 16 B.C. age 19—-?

Detailed Overview

Xena born March 29, 75 B.C.- September 13 B.C. Age 62
18 B.C. Preserved at just under age 32. Xena is physically 36 when she dies.
Gabrielle Born February 15, 67 B.C. Age 54
18 B.C. Preserved at age 24 and is physically age 29 when Xena dies.
Callisto born July 68 B.C. Callisto is 20 when she physically dies in 47 B.C.
Julius Caesar born July 13, 100 BC-March 15, 44 B.C. Age 55

January 16th, 58 B.C. Amphipolis is attacked by the warlord Cortese and Xena’s younger brother Lycious, 15, is killed in battle while her older brother Toris, 19, runs for the hills. Xena is 17.

August 58 B.C. After expanding out to surrounding villages and finally to the coast Xena takes her army of followers on a rampage to protect Amphipolis. It is at this time she is sailing near Gaul and meets Caesar of Rome. She also meets her good friend Malia from Gaul. Malia is the first to teach the art of pressure points to Xena. Xena is 18.

October 58 B.C. Xena returns Caesar to Rome in Gaul for ransom.

In March 57 BC Caesar returns to Xena to betray her breaking her legs upon crucifixion of her and her army.

In July 57 BC After having been saved from the Roman Army by her Gaelic friend Malia, who was later killed by Ceasar’s soldiers at Nicklio’s, the healer, Xena has been befriended by Borias. She joins his army and becomes his lover and protégé. She convinces him to leave his wife and son Balok behind and they travel across the land to the east to Chin with his army. Xena is a young girl with a limp that Borias was taken by and decides to take under his wing as well as to be his lover. During the next months Xena is introduced to La Mao, Ming Tien, and Ming Tien’s father. Lao Ma attempts to save Xena from herself and teaches her and loves her with many things. Lao Ma discusses Xena’s knowledge of pressure points. Xena kills Ming Tsu and kidnaps Ming Tien his son teaching him to be a monster. Xena and Borias feud, but their feud is resolved by Lao Ma who is later betrayed by both during her quest for a peaceful Chin.

In December 57 B.C- February 56 BC. Xena and Borias set sail for Chuppa to do business. While there she meets the young Akimi who wishes to be taught to be a warrior by Xena. Xena teaches Akimi the warrior arts and later finds that Akimi wanted to use those skills to kill her father Yudoshi. Akimi then asks that Xena take her life after the deed. Xena is heart-broken and is forced to do it by Akimi. Xena condemns over 40,000 souls when in her emotional rage she accidentally sets fire and kills an entire village.

April 56 B.C.- Xena’s army comes upon Syra the home of Callisto where they burn the village killing women, and children in the process. Callisto’s evil is born in her loss of her entire family in the flames of destruction. Callisto is 11.

May 56 B.C.-July 56 BC Xena and Borias meet Alti. Alti reveals Xena is pregnant. Borias and Xena plan to sack the Amazons and later the centaurs. Alti offers the gift of ultimate power and for Xena to become “The Destroyer of Nations.” Alti introduces Xena to a new young friend who is later killed during a battle. Alti takes Xena to the land of the dead. Otari is only a child and meets Xena at this battle in which Xena’s young Amazon friend is killed. Alti entices Xena to kill the young 6-year-old Amazon Otari. Borias saves Otari.

August 56 BC-September 56 BC Xena attempts to assassinate Cyan Queen of the Amazons. Borias scolds Xena for attempting the assassination. Xena decides to learn Cyan’s fighting moves. Cyan attempts to turn Xena’s life around offering her to join the Amazons and leave Borias to change for the good. Cyan attempts to reverse Xena’s murdering ways. Alti attempts to win Xena over in a duel of spirits with Cyan in front of Xena. Cyan wins the battle. Cyan again offers Xena the chance to change. Alti curses Xena’s unborn child to never experience the love of his parents. Xena betrays Cyan the Queen of the Amazons of the steps. She kills her young red-headed warrior for sport, Cyan, and most of those in Cyan’s tribe. Alti takes the blood of Cyan to enhance her own powers. All major Amazon leaders at the time were killed in Xena’s betrayal.

October 56 BC- Xena attacks Corinth with Borias, Dagnon, and her army. Borias had split command of the army with Xena so each controlled half. They had taken control of the Centaurs. The plan was to grab the Ixion stone and then later to use its power to sack Athens. Borias offers to meet Colliapous to arrange a treaty of peace. Xena and Dagnon betray Borias. Borias then turns to the centaurs and allies with them. Xena blinds Colliapous in one eye in the battle. During this same time Xena’s personal servant Satrina offers her lover the warlord Damaious’s plan which defeated Rhodes when he sacked it. It included poisoning the grain of the people of Corinth to reduce their strength in defenses. Xena had defeated Damious in a prior battle and killed him obtaining Satrina.

November 56 BC- Xena and Dagnon meet the Centaurs and Borias in war for the Ixion Stone. Xena gives birth to Solan and Borias has changed his ways. Satrina stabs Borias attempting to stop him from taking Xena and his son away from the way of war. Dagnon kills Borias in a sword duel after Satrina exposes Borias has entered the camp. Xena gives birth to Solan during this time. Borias is killed by Dagnon a member of Xena’s army which she has taken over from Borias. Solan is born on December 8, 56 BC. Xena gives Solan to the Centaur leader Colliapous to raise as his own. Xena withdrew her army and left Corinth not finishing her attack.

February 55 BC- January 52 BC 35 years- Xena enters the Norse territory where she meets the Norse God Odin suffering. She stays in the Norse territory until March of 51 BC where she convinces Odin to fall in love with her, becomes a Valkarie, betrays Brenhilda, the other Valkarie, and the Rhine maidens to steal the ring in order to gain ultimate power. Brenhilda becomes the Grendel and gets the last laugh keeping the ring of power from Xena’s grasp.

March 52 BC-September 52 BC Xena moves back toward Greece passing through Britannia. She gathers and picks up an army of loyal followers to lead. This is when she first meets Ares and begins her romantic as well as business partnership with Ares. He appears to her and makes a deal with her using her past with Odin and Caesar’s past betrayal to gain her loyalties to his cause to conquer the world for his image. Xena encounters Bodecia and betrays Bodecia pretending to ally with her while satiating her quest to defeat Caesar in his quest to defeat Gaul. She defeats Caesar in battle then steals Bodecia’s army to march toward Rome.

October 52 BC – On their way toward Rome, in pursuit of Caesar, Xena’s army encounters the hoard (Pomira). She loses half of her men. She meets the young girl Vanessa whose father Raul is a fighter in her army at this time. Vanessa is taken from her family by the Pomira. Vanessa is 7.

November 52 BC- Ares guides Xena to Kal’s temple in Celtic lands to steal the dark chakram so that she can use it to fill her destiny to rule the world through force. In exchange Xena is to kill Hercules for Ares. During this time is the first time Xena encounters Hercules and Iolas.

December 52 BC- Xena marches through Thelassa’s village and leaves Thelassa to be torn to death by flesh-eating crabs.

January 51 BC- Xena meets Thalia who joins her army and co-leads with her for a time.

February 51 BC – March 50 BC- Marcus joins Xena’s Army. Xena turns away from Ares when she falls in love with Marcus. Ares is hurt, but continues to support Xena’s campaign to shape the world in his image. During this time Thersities the assassin, and many of the other personalities she later encounters again in Gabrielle’s scrolls join Xena’s army after being captured in villages she defeats and destroys. She trains those who will join her allegiance.

March 50 B.C. – Thersities has affections for Xena and tricks Marcus and Xena both into breaking off their relationship so that he can ask for her hand in marriage. She accepts. Marcus’s heart is broken and he leaves Xena’s army.

December 50 B.C. Thersities betrays Xena leaving her army and abandons their marriage.

June 49 B.C. – Xena‘s underling Darphus betrays Xena and takes over her army banishing her. Hercules is hot on their trail until he finds out that Xena’s army is no longer under her control. Together they defeat Darphus, Xena delivers the death-blow. Ares resurrects Darphus and gives him his pet Greigous. Xena and Hercules team up with Iolas and defeat Darphus a second time. It is during this time that Salmoneous meets Xena becoming her army’s jester and then ally alongside Hercules and Iolas against Darphus.

#1 Sins of the Past
July 2, 49 B.C. Gabrielle is age 18.

#2 Chariots of War
August 49 BC

#3 Dreamworker
September 49 BC

#4 Cradle of Hope
September 49 BC

#5 Path Not Taken
October 49 BC

#6 The Reckoning
October 49 BC

#7 The Titans
November 49 BC

#8 Prometheus
November 49 BC

#9 Hooves and Harlots
December 49 BC

#10 Death in Chains
December 49 BC

#11 The Black Wolf
January 48 BC

#12 The Warrior Princess
January 48 BC

#13 The Gauntlet
January 48 BC

#14 Unchained Heart
January 48 BC

#15 Athens Academy of Performing Bards
February 48 BC

#16 Fistful of Dinars
March 48 BC

#17 Royal Couple of Thieves
April 48 BC

#18 Warrior, Princess
April 48 BC

#19 Altered States
May 48 BC

#20 Mortal Beloved
May 48 BC

#21 Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
June 48 BC

#22 The Prodigal
July 48 BC

#23 Death Mask
August 48 BC

#24 The Greater Good
September 48 BC

#25 The Ties That Bind
October 48 BC

#26 Callisto
October 48 BC

#27 Is There A Doctor in the House
November 48 BC

#28 A Solstice Carol
December 21, 48 BC

#29 Giant Killer
December 25, 48 BC

#30 Orphan of War
January 8, 47 BC 1 year 2 months and 12 days until Maternal Instincts

#31 Remember Nothing
January 16th, 47 BC

#32 Girls Just Wanna
January 47 BC

#33 Warrior, Princess, Tramp
January 47 BC

#34 Return of Callisto
February 47 BC

#35 Intimate Stranger
February 47 BC

#36 Ten Little Warlords
February 47 BC

#37 Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis
March 47 BC

#38 A Day in the Life Of
March 47 BC

#39 Blind Faith
March 47 BC

#40 The Execution
April 47 BC

#41 For Him the Bell Tolls
April 47 BC

#42 A Comedy of Eros
April 47 BC

#43 Been There Done That
April 47 BC

#44 Ulysses
May 47 BC

#45 The Lost Mariner
May 47 BC

#46  The Price
June 47 BC

#47 The Quest
August 47 BC

#48 A Necessary Evil
September 47 BC

September 47 BC Lao Ma is executed by her son Ming Tien.

#49 Destiny
September 47 BC

#50 Judgement Day
September 47 BC

#51  The Furies
October 47 BC

#52 The Quill Is Mightier
October 47 BC

#53 Aphrodite’s Enchanted Scroll
October 47 BC

#54 Surprise
October, 47 BC

#55 King of Assassins
November, 47 BC

#56 Warrior, Priestess, Tramp
November 47 BC

#57 Dirty Half Dozen
November 47 BC

#58 The Deliverer
January 46 BC

#59 Gabrielle’s Hope
January 46 BC

#60 The Debt
February 46 BC

#61 When In Rome
March 46 BC

#62 Maternal Instincts
March 20th, 46 BC

#63 Bitter Suite
April 46 BC

#64 Forgiven
May 46 BC

#65 Vanishing Act
May 46 BC

#66 One Against An Army
June 46 BC

#67 Armageddon Now
June 46 BC

#68 King Con
June 46 BC

#69 Forget Me Not
July 46 BC

#70 Fins, Femmes, and Gems
November 47 BC

#71 If The Shoe Fits
July 46 BC

#72 Tsunami
July 46 BC

#73 A Tale of Two Muses
August 46 BC

#74 Daughter of Pomira
September 46 BC

#75 A Good Day
October 45 BC

#76 To Tartarus and Back
January 45 BC

#77 Sacrifice
February 45 BC

#78 A Family Affair
April 45 BC

#79 Soul Possession
April 45 BC

#80 In Sickness and In Hell
May 45 BC

#81 Crusader
June 45 BC

#82 Locked Up and Tied Down
June 45 BC

#83 Past Imperfect
July 45 BC

#84 Adventures In The Sin Trade
July 45 BC

#85 Paradise Found
August 45 BC

#86 Devi
September 45 BC

#87 Between The Lines
September 45 BC

#88 The Way
October 45 BC

#89 The Play’s The Thing
December 45 BC

#90 Takes One To Know One
February 44 BC

#91 The Convert
February 44 BC

#92 Endgame
March 44 BC

#93 Ides of March
March 44 BC

#94 Fallen Angel
March 44 BC

#95 Chakram
March 44 BC

#96 Animal Attraction
April 44 BC

#97 Succession
April 44 BC

#98 Seeds of Faith
May 44 BC

#99 Them Bones, Them Bones
May 44 BC

#100 Purity
July 44 BC

#101 Back In The Bottle
September 44 BC

#102 Punchlines
November 44 BC

#103 Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire
November 44 BC

#104 Little Problems
December 44 BC

#105 God Fearing Child
December 44 BC

#106 Eternal Bonds
January 43 BC

#107 Lifeblood
February 43 BC

#108 Kindred Spirits
February 43 BC

#109 Amphipolis Under Siege
March 43 BC

#110 Anthony and Cleopatra
July 43 BC

#111 Looking Death in the Eye
August 43 BC

October 30 B.C. Cyrene is burned at the stake by the people of Amphipolis accused of being a witch due to the evil spirits which invaded her tavern.

April 25 B.C. Sarah Lila’s daughter, Gabrielle’s niece, at age 15 is taken by Gurkhan and his men. Lila’s husband and Gabrielle’s parents are beheaded by Gurkhan.

#112 Livia
July 18 BC

#113 Eve
September 18 BC

#114 Motherhood
November 18 BC

#115 Coming Home
December 18 BC

#116 The Haunting of Amphipolis
January 17 BC

#117 Heart of Darkness
January 17 BC

#118 Who is Gurkhan
February 17 BC – May 17 BC

#119 Legacy
June 17 BC

#120 Dangerous Prey
July 17 BC

#121 The Abyss
September 17 BC

#122 The Rheingold
December 17 BC

#123 The Ring
January 15 BC

#124 Return of the Valkyrie
February 15 BC

#125 Old Ares Had A Farm
April 15 BC

#126 The God You Know
August 15 BC

#127 You Are There (The Golden Apples)
January 14 BC

#128 Last of the Centaurs
April 14 BC

#129 Path of Vengeance
May 14 BC

#130 To Helicon And Back
June 14 BC

#131 A Friend in Need
September 14 BC

#132 When Fates Collide
October 14 BC

#133 Many Happy Returns
February 13 BC

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The Xena Scrolls: Volume #2: Scroll #23: Death Mask

The Xena Scrolls

By:  Gabrielle Bard of Potedia

Scroll#23:  Death Mask

August, 48 B.C.


     I sing of the wrath of vengeance.  Of how it began and of how it could end.  Gabrielle walked alongside Xena and Argo twirling her staff about.  She pondered the skills of the warrior princess with great intrigue for Xena’s warrior talents were extraordinary indeed.  The bard could only find herself dreaming of the possibility to master these skills herself.  As she imagined and tried to work through her mind how it was that the warrior princess could capture an arrow with nothing, but her bare hands.  Xena had never missed.  It was like she always somehow knew when danger was upon her.  Gabrielle found herself desperately trying to understand how the warrior princess could do this.  She came to speak her thoughts aloud.  The warrior princess found herself involved trying to explain to Gabrielle that there was nothing to think about.

      Instead Xena said that the bard must allow her body to listen for the enemy.  To feel its approach was how it was done and not to think about the process.  There was no time for thought in the times of danger.  Only instinct could seemingly save the warrior princess.  Gabrielle still did not understand for she wasn’t so certain that she herself had that warrior instinct.  Yet as the bard tried to listen she heard something not within her ears, but within her body for the first time.  It was from just beyond the trees on the path.  It felt like a crossbow releasing an arrow.  suddenly the bard’s body reacted as she thrust her staff in the air capturing the danger upon its contact with her staff.  Gabrielle found herself shocked that she had heard the danger from within the trees.  Yet there was little time to think for a battle was about to ensue.

     The enemy who had delivered the arrow into the bard’s staff revealed himself to the warrior princess as she flipped into battle.  Xena chose not to fight with her weapon for it was only one man.  She delivered thunderous kicks and blocked the enemy advance.  Then she punched back knocking the enemy to the ground.  As the bard took note of the warrior princess’s weaponless moves she found her body tuning into another intrusion of danger from behind.  Suddenly the bard whipped around behind her to find another approaching enemy.  He had a sword and the enemy was masked in metal just as was the other man Xena had been battling.  The bard blocked his advances with her staff though her enemy carried a sword.  She took the enemy down and then began to run, but the enemy did not stay down.  Instead he rose again to chase the bard down the path.  Gabrielle could feel his presence upon her heels as she prepared another move.  The bard suddenly knelt down and drove her staff into the ground.  Then she jabbed the opposite end up into the stomach of the approaching enemy.  He flipped violently overhead and landed upon his back.

      The bard rose again and prepared to strike again as the enemy struggled to rise once more.  Xena had ended her battle with the other masked man with the sword for he had escalated the fight unable to take her down without a weapon.  Despite his choice the warrior princess still one out for she was a true master swordsman.  Xena had heard the sounds of the battle between the bard and another enemy on down the path and followed those sounds to assist.  Yet when she arrived she found that the bard was doing well on her own.  The warrior princess watched in surprise to see that the bard was beating the tar out of her challenger.  And though Gabrielle was seemingly in control of the situation she reminded Xena that she was still not so certain or full of that warrior confidence.  Once Gabrielle was certain that she had come out of the battle the victor Xena looked down upon the masked victim.

     Her tone quickly changed into a serious one.  It was as if the warrior princess knew this man.  She then declared that he was wearing the mask of Corteese as was the man she had battled against.  When the bard asked Xena who Corteese was the warrior princess replied that he had been the warlord that had sent her down her path of vengeance.  It was Corteese who has sacked the warrior princess’s village so long ago and had taken the life of her beloved brother Lycious.  Gabrielle could see how much the invasion of her village had affected the warrior princess and she could feel the sorrow within the warrior princess’s voice.  The bard began to realize just what it was that had made Xena commit so many wrongs.  Xena was seemingly within a momentary trance as she thought about the distant experience.  Then she boiled over with anger realizing that this was now her chance to avenge the death of her brother who had been killed in the battle against Corteese.

       Suddenly the warrior princess delivered the wrath of her pinch upon the helplessly defeated man.  She demanded information about Corteese and his whereabouts.  The man’s fear overcame him quickly as he declared that Corteese was just down the valley in the next village.  He and his army were attacking there.  After receiving the information Xena quickly removed certain death from her victim.  Then she took off his mask and punched him the nose knocking him unconscious.  It was obvious that the warrior princess did not want to be followed.  Then Xena dashed off upon Argo riding into the village as Gabrielle sprinted behind hoping to keep the pace.

     As they approached the village Xena paused upon Argo surveying the situation below.  It was a cruel reminder of the beginning of a life of darkness and blood.  Yet the warrior princess looked beyond and then rode into the battle.  She drew her sword and began to combat against the men of Corteese’s army.  Most of them were younger than the usual army members.  They were well-trained yet were not accustomed to a challenge.  As the warrior princess jousted with the enemy upon Argo Gabrielle arrived over the valley.  She found herself looking down into the chaos of Corteese’s army.  Women were screaming, and men were being beaten by their wrath.  The bard scanned the scene looking to enter into the battle, but instead she caught sight of a little girl.  She appeared stunned with fear in the middle of the battle.  Her mother screamed for her to return into the shelter of their home, but the girl did not move.  Instead her eyes gazed out across the way to a doll which lied upon the dirt. 

      The little girl then glanced up at the dark enemy approaching upon horseback.  He charged forward toward the doll and Gabrielle knew what would happen next.  Quickly the bard dashed down into the village knowing that she had to save the little girl.  The little girl began to run toward her doll as the bard rushed to rescue her from harm.  Just before the horseman brushed behind the bard she grasped the little girl and rolled away to safety.  The young mother was filled with relief as her daughter had been rescued.  Gabrielle quickly began to engage in combat with her staff as the warrior princess continued to combat upon her horse.  Corteese’s men suddenly began to retreat at the command of their leader.  The bard looked up to see that a patrolling army was riding into the battle.  As she watched the last man from Corteese’s army disappear into battle the captain rode into the village.  Gabrielle shouted a command to the captain of the patrolling army for Corteese’s army was on the verge of their escape into the woods. 

      But the captain did not heed the command for he spoke of being restricted.  He said that his jurisdiction would not allow him to take his men in the woods.  The woods were the boundary and he noted that his army was already being well spent by the province which it was responsible for.  It appeared to the bard that their morale was destroyed and beaten down.  The warrior princess approached the captain as she dismounted from her horse.  He removed his helmet respectfully complementing the warrior princess on her fighting ability.  It was clear that the captain was impressed and could use the kind of help in his battle against the darkness. 

      Xena then asked of the captain more information about his operations and responsibilities to the kingdom.  The captain was obviously very loyal to his king and disappointed that he and his men had been too late once again.  It always seemed that they arrived after a battle against Corteese instead of before.  Corteese always had the upper hand and it was only getting worse.  The warrior princess decided that she and the bard would investigate further.  They followed the trail left by the retreating enemy.  As they walked Gabrielle was still thinking about the moment of impact when she had caught the arrow with her staff.  She was going through the motions of the fresh memory within her mind.  Her body had felt the blood rushing through its veins as if a burst of unsuspecting energy had taken it over.  Gabrielle was still very delighted as she continued to twirl the staff and reenact her proud moment. 

     The warrior princess was not as impressed.  She was barely excited as she tried to remind the bard that to acquire the skills of a brilliant warrior it takes a lot of trial and error.  Gabrielle found herself slightly offended that the warrior princess did not believe in her ability.  Then she held up a hypothetical challenge.  She asked Xena what the odds were if she were to take ten arrows from the warrior princess.  Gabrielle was certain that she would perform well under such a test.  And of course the warrior princess agreed that the bard would perform well; however, there was the reminder that her skills were far from perfect.  In fact, the warrior princess was confident that the bard would at least be able to capture nine out of ten arrows.  Yet if there was one arrow that the bard could not catch then that was one too many for it would be marked for her death.  And so the argument was won by the cunning warrior princess and her point was once again made clear to the bard.

     Soon the warrior princess and the bard spotted a lone masked warrior standing upon the hill near the trees.  He stood motionless as if he were about to strike yet he did not move.  Gabrielle inquired of the warrior princess of his intentions yet Xena was just as uncertain.  Then Xena asked the bard to wait as she approached the man for a confrontation.  The warrior princess pulled her sword ready for a duel, but received a great surprise.  This masked warrior from Corteese’s ranks unmasked himself upon the threat of being slaughtered at the end of Xena’s sword.  He then asked if it was the intention of the warrior princess to kill her brother.  Suddenly the bard found herself confused and intrigued for the warrior princess had told her earlier that her brother had been killed by Corteese. 

      Then the warrior princess answered the bard’s sudden inquiry revealing that she had two brothers.  This was her brother Toris who did not die in the battle against Corteese.  There was something very awkward about the situation between the two siblings.  It appeared as if they were rivals.  Xena seemed irritated that her brother would ride with the enemy while Toris’s emotion was not so simple to understand.  Toris explained to his inquiring sister of his reasons for riding with Corteese’s army.  He explained that he had been with them for a short time after having searched for several years to find Corteese.  His plan a simple one.  Toris wanted to get in close with Corteese’s army and to gain their trust.  His hope was to one day be face to face with Corteese so that he could have his final revenge with the warlord.  It seemed a noble idea to the bard at first until she realized that Toris was overcome with vengeance.  Gabrielle was pleased that Xena was convinced that justice was a better punishment than blood.

     Yet as the three traveled together they set up camp.  Things were very quiet between the two siblings as Gabrielle started a fire and tried to cook the dinner that Xena had hunted.  It was obvious to the bard that neither party was eager to speak to the other for they held within them grudging actions.  Gabrielle could understand Xena’s disappointment within her brother because he was riding with Corteese, but she did not understand what Toris’s grude was about.  The bard tried desperately to get them to speak to one another.  She even tried to relate to their situation by comparing it to some of the monstrous rivalry she had had with her own sister Lilla.  Gabrielle’s point was that no grude was worth turning away a brother or a sister no matter what it entailed.  The warrior princess reluctantly caught onto the bard’s insinuations as she opened the conversation harshly.  She inquired of the assassin that her brother Toris had become.  He was equally enraged however.  He shot back blaming Xena for the loss of their brother Lycious.

     Toris blamed his sister for deciding to go up against Corteese’s army.  He had preferred and chosen to run away into the hills.  Toris could barely tolerate his sister’s decision to create an army out of their village in its time of need.  He blamed her for many of those who had been taken on that fateful day which obviously changed the course of both of their lives.  They had both loved their younger brother Lycious very much and each of them had mourned their loss in different ways.  Xena had chosen to move on and forward despite her constant venture to seek out and find Corteese and bring him to justice.  The bard very much agreed with Xena’s way for it was based upon the good.  Toris’s justice was built upon the darkness of vengeance.  As the two argued Gabrielle offered dinner asking Toris how he liked his meat.  The warrior princess interrupted the break in the tension adding that drumsticks were Toris’s preference.  It was obvious to Gabrielle that she was not able to break through the tension.  Yet she was very upset that she was unable to help her best friend and Toris mend their differences and their pasts.

     Then the warrior princess asked the bard if she would go check on Argo.  For a moment Gabrielle was disappointed that the warrior princess had asked her to leave yet she realized that it was best for the current situation.  Xena and Toris needed some time together to sort through their differences.  The bard headed toward Argo yet could not resist eavesdropping from beyond the trees and the brush.  She heard Xena ask Toris how close he had come to Corteese.  It was in that moment that her prideful brother revealed that he had not really been traveling with Corteese’s army for very long.  Although he was quite confident that he would soon be face to face with Corteese.  It was obvious to Xena that her brother knew little about the dealings of the warlord.  His vengeance would not be enough to defeat their common enemy. 

     The warrior princess was then told by Toris that he wanted her to stay out of it, but Xena would not allow it.  She was not at all afraid to face the warlord yet Toris was seemingly uncertain.  The warrior princess suggested that they go to Corteese’s camp together.  She wanted to investigate the situation further.  Although her brother was against it there was nothing he could do to keep Xena from her warrior way.  So the two went off to visit Corteese together with Xena posing as his prisoner.  When they arrived at Corteese’s camp Xena discovered just how little Toris had accomplished.  He had yet to win the respect of his surrounding peers let alone that of his commander Malik.  Malik was most certainly in control.  He would not allow Toris to deliver the warrior princess to Corteese directly.  Toris desperately tried to argue with Malik, but received little recognition.  He was treading upon dangerous waters and the warrior princess knew it.  She was taken by Malik as he prepared to have her for his own pleasures before he was to take her to Corteese. 

      Then Malik went back outside of his tent to deal with the unruly Toris.  He wanted to make certain that Toris knew who was truly in command.  Malik made it very clear to Toris that he was worth little to Corteese’s army and would not have the respect of anyone within it.  As Toris continued to argue with Malik Xena escaped her weak binds using her breast dagger.  Once she had freed herself she began to investigate the tent.  It was obviously a commanders tent yet there was no sign of Corteese.  Yet the warrior princess found something much more interesting.  She found three stool pigeons and royal notes which had been carried directly from the king’s castle.  Before she could seek more information she heard the argument between Toris and Malik coming to an end.  Toris was being expelled from camp and given an unltimatum not to return.

     When Malik returned inside the tent his passions were ready to for action to the dismay of the warrior princess.  She had concealed her free hands appearing as if she were still bound by the ropes.  As Malik prepared to unleash his lusts upon the warrior princess he asked that they not waste time.  The warrior princess then took advantage of his lustful passions knocking him with a bloody nose unconscious.  Then she returned to Toris who was still defeated and almost embarrassed by his failure.  But Xena would not allow him to pity himself.  Soon the two of them returned to camp where Gabrielle awaited their arrival.  They were arguing again, but it seemed to the bard that Toris was the one who was constantly raging.  He was once again scolding the warrior princess for leading their brother Lycious and many of their friends to their deaths against Corteese.   Yet the warrior princess seemed past that.  Instead she was focused on the formulation of a new plan.  Always focused the warrior princess was putting her emotions aside.  Gabrielle found the need to defend her friend if Xena would not defend herself. 

      She spoke up declaring that she would be practicing her staff moves despite Xena’s choice to have Gabrielle stay behind at the village.  Gabrielle wanted to go along with Xena and Toris to storm the castle, but she knew when to push Xena and when not to.  The bard demonstrated openly to Toris her dissatisfaction with being asked to stay behind for safety reasons for there was never a time while traveling with Xena that was safe.  She reminded the warrior princess of this.  Xena found herself slightly amused at the bard’s show of confidence and bravery.  but Toris was even more upset with his sister.  He feared that Xena had tainted the bard with her passions of the sword.  Toris argued with the bard that it wasn’t the truth of her own passions, but the bard felt differently.  Her confidence had come through all of the wonderful lessons that she had learned from the warrior princess, and there was never a moment in which the bard had felt that the warrior princess had faltered.  In fact, when she had asked Toris how many men Xena had to be up against to return safely to them he declared that there were at least fifteen.  Gabrielle had seen Xena go up against many more than a mere fifteen men.  She had been confident in Xena’s ability.  Gabrielle knew Xena well despite the dangers she always returned to her side, but Toris’s confidence was barely present.  The bard almost could not see the family relation except for the dark hair and the piercing blue eyes.  Soon Xena and Toris were off leaving the bard to return to the village alone.

      While at the village the bard made a new young friend and decided that she would practice capturing arrows with her staff.  Her new-found recruit was happy to shoot some arrows for training without their sharp tips.  And though the bard went through many hours of trial she still found herself unable to prove that the warrior princess had been wrong about the odds.  In fact, the warrior princess had actually given Gabrielle the benefit of the doubt to Gabrielle’s dismay.  Yet the bard was still determined to master the skill of capturing the flying arrows.  As she prepared to face another her body suddenly felt something.  She turned to face the arrows only to find that Xena had returned to with her brother.  Xena informed the bard of what they had found at the castle.  The revelation was shocking for they had discovered that the king was none other than Corteese himself.  She also asked that a gathering of villagers be put together so that she could announce to them all that she had found to be true of their king.

     Corteese was using the cover of his masked army to attack all of the villages within his own kingdom.  No one even suspected that they would be one in the same.  Not only that, but the king was taxing his people to death proclaiming that their taxes were going toward the war effort.  The kingdom’s armed guard was being exploited by the king himself for the sake of a profit.  Corteese was quite delighted with his accomplishments within his new-found power and with the warrior princess which he had so successfully created.  In fact, Corteese had plans for the warrior princess.  He wanted to exploit her as well so that he could build a bit of moral for his defeated army that could seemingly never capture the enemy.  Corteese’s business was excellent, but it was clear that Xena could not allow it to go on. 

     Despite Toris’s determination to prove his courage and worth again he put the two in danger at the castle against Corteese.  Their weapons had been taken and Xena’s chackram stolen by Corteese, but they managed to escape through a window within Corteese’s well managed chambers.  The warlord was so ingenious that he had many secret traps and weapons hidden within the walls of his castle at his disposal.  It was amazing that the warrior princess and her brother had escaped alive.  Of course Toris was still arguing with the warrior princess over the issue of justice or vengeance.  Gabrielle once again stood up for the warrior princess and again demonstrated her willingness to be a part of what Xena wanted to accomplish in the face of danger.  Justice was the answer to this tragedy and not vengeance.  Suddenly Toris found himself overshadowed by a young peasant girl from Potedia and he felt defeated.  Then Toris stormed off leaving Gabrielle to wonder what the real issue was within Xena’s brother’s heart.  The warrior princess followed him closely for she needed his help now more than ever.  He could not give up now.  She aimed to encourage Toris that he had made the choices that were right for him and the choices that he thought were for the best.

      Before Xena could get through Toris’s deep emotional scars she was interrupted by an urgent message from the villagers.  When Xena returned to the village she found Gabrielle desperately trying to defend the warrior princess.  Gabrielle declared that despite their fears of being attacked again it was the warrior princess who had saved them all from devastation before.  Yet these villagers were not comforted by the fact that the bard and her warrior friend were there to defend them.  With the king declaring that the warrior princess be turned over to him it made the villagers uneasy.  Xena stepped into the conversation trying to explain to them that their king and Corteese were one in the same man.  Gabrielle declared that they would just have to stand up and fight, but Xena chose otherwise.  She explained to the bard that one must only stand up and fight when the time was right.  If Corteese wanted to duel against Xena then it would be at the castle and not within the village.

     Suddenly Xena was warned by the village messenger once again only this time it was a warning concerning her brother.  Despite the warrior princess’s efforts to convince him that his choices had been the only choices that he could have made within his past and within his present he was determined to prove himself.  Toris had  decided that he would go off alone and storm the camp and take control of Corteese’s army.  The warrior princess followed her brother’s path and allowed him to fall into his own mistake.  She realized that he would not learn unless he failed attempting his vengeance.  Xena desperately wanted to spare her brother from the mistakes that she had made within her own life.  Toris was tortured and beaten by Malik and the others and then tied to a tree covered with oil.  Xena knew that this was a trap laid out for her.  It was what she had expected of the army of Corteese. 

     When she arrived at Toris’s side he warned her of the trap, but she had already known.  Instead she tried to free him from his binds and comfort him and his heart.  She was no longer upset with him realizing that he was only as lost as she felt almost every day of her life since the loss of their brother Lycious.  As she prepared to free Toris she was confronted by Malik and his archers ready to shoot with their fiery weapons.  Malik returned to the warrior princess a blow that had given him a bruised ego.  Yet the warrior princess did not allow him to end with the satisfaction for she returned another blow just as nasty.  As Malik’s archers rose their weapons to fire he called them down for he was certain that Corteese would deal with them.  And so Xena allowed herself and Toris to be captured.

     Upon their arrival to the castle they were taken into Corteese’s dungeon.  Again Xena tried to comfort her brother.  He was so confused inside and regretting that he ever gotten Xena involved within his quest for vengeance.  It was in this moment that the warrior princess tried to explain to her brother the evils of vengeance and of how they had taken away so much of her own life.  She expressed great regret as she explained how it had all began.  Xena spoke of her dream to create the army that would defend their village forever from the spoils of hungry warlords like Corteese.  Yet somehow through all of that she had lost herself within vengeance and blood lust. 

     Then there was the problem of escaping the dungeon.  It had been very simple to gain passage into the castle.  Xena tried to enter her brother’s mind into a constructive plan of escape, but just when all seemed hopeless their opportunity arrived.  The captain of the king’s army was a very loyal and just man.  He had caught word that the two prisoners were to be executed upon the next day by fire.  The captain did not believe in such a punishment despite the crime.  He had come to let them know that he would be sure to make their deaths quick with information on where he could find Corteese.  The warrior princess knew that he would not believe the truth of his king so as she revealed the powers upon the throne Toris made his move taking down the captain with his free feet. 

     Xena disarmed him with her own kick and used her feet to free her from the chains which bound her wrists above.  With the sword of the captain between her feet she was able to escape and release Toris as well.  Once they had regained control Xena was warned by the captain that they would never leave the castle alive.  Yet the warrior princess was not planning on leaving the castle without what they had come for.  She declared that the captain tell them were they could find the king.  The captain was then reluctant as he told of the archery fields outside the castle walls.  Xena then sent Toris to take care of that matter knowing that the captain was not telling the truth.  Yet it diverted Toris from his chance at vengeance for the warrior princess was certain that Toris still seeked it.

     And so the captain took the warrior princess to the king’s throne where she found him basking in the glory of the chackram.  But there was only one true warrior that could tame its wrath and that was Xena.  With the reluctant help of the captain Xena was able to capture Corteese.  As she went outside she found that the battle she had intended was in full action.  Gabrielle had arrived just in time to battle within the action.  Once the bard had received word that the warrior princess and Toris had been captured she was on her way to the castle.  She battled alongside Toris who had discovered that Xena had distracted him from his vengeance once again.  She had also stirred things up bringing together the two biggest rivals within the kingdom.  Corteese’s army and the king’s army battled it out for the first time.  It was a fair fight and the king’s men were winning.

     Xena took advantage of the situation as she hoisted Corteese upon a post within the castle entrance as she instructed the captain to join the battle the battle with his men.  The warrior princess of course could not resist as she entered alongside her brother.  They began with swordplay mirror each other’s moves.  Clashing with the enemy they moved onto hand to hand combat against the true enemy.  They flipped in unison as Xena gave out her battle cry kicking their enemies and then reversing the move gracefully.  It was as if they had been alongside one another for years despite the absence in each other’s lives.  Soon the captain and his army were outside in the castle courtyard to fight, but did not know who they should be fighting.  All of the action suddenly stopped for neither army expected to see the other.  They had come to fight Xena from the messages by pigeons, but as their leader king Corteese hung helplessly in the castle foyer Xena declared that he ask his dark army to surrender their weapons. 

     Corteese refused Xena’s command.  He called out to his armies to kill Xena.  Xena then took two swords from the ground and hurled them in the direction of king Corteese.  They landed squarely into the castle walls one on each side of Corteese’s head.  The fear within his eyes was evidence that the warrior princess was truly in control.  Then she drew her chackram and made one last threat.  She told Corteese he had only one more chance before his life would be taken by her chackram.  As she pulled it up preparing to strike Corteese finally gave up his charade and revealed that he was the real Corteese.  When he gave the command for the dark army to drop their weapons all obeyed except for his commander Malik.  Malik was outraged and felt betrayed as he rushed forward toward the king.  He was prepared to have his blood and his vengeance, but was stopped short with a thrust by the captain’s sword through his stomach.  Although the captain had been betrayed by his king he still stood loyal protecting the king until his end. 

     Then Toris expressed his anger for the warrior princess had taken his vengeance from him with her justice.  Xena found herself frustrated with Toris’s uncontrollable emotional rage.  She decided to give him what he had been asking for.  The warrior princess then approached the helpless victim and took him down from his capture for execution.  There was fear within the warlord’s eyes.  He was about to receive vengeful justice for the murder of Lycious.  Toris then took a weapon and approached his victim from behind.  He raised the sword above his victim preparing to thrust it through the skull of the evil warlord.  Yet just before he was about to kill the helpless warlord Toris stopped.  He let go of his vengeance dropping his sword to the ground.  Xena then approached her brother and whispered in his ear assuring him that Lycious would have been proud.  And so Xena and Toris left Corteese with the captain for his final justice to be carried out.  It was now out of their hands.

     Toris found himself thanking the warrior princess for being there for him, and for showing him the truth in what was right.  He also expressed to his sister how much he had missed her in all the time that they had been apart.  Toris’s next adventure was to take him back home.  He encouraged the warrior princess to come along with him.  Xena had already decided that it wasn’t time for her to return to the peace of home for she and Gabrielle had so much more to do.  The warrior princess assured her brother that their mother would be happy.  Then she asked that he tell their mother that he had seen Xena.  Though Gabrielle knew how much the warrior princess wished to express how much she loved her mother.  There was still much shame within the warrior princess.  She had much shame for her own vengeance.  Yet she had been able to save her brother Toris from the terrible fate of a vengeance beyond control.  And though one sibling had made the right choice for himself to heal the other was still far from healing despite all the good that she has done.